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Grants For The Disabled - Part 2

Finding Private Grants
You may choose to work with an agency or lawyer. You may choose to research and apply by yourself, using resources available online or in the community. Using a database of available opportunities is a good first step. provides support to grant seekers of all kinds, including those with disabilities. Wherever you are in the process, whether considering, finding, or applying, they have information that can help you. and the Michigan State University Libraries site are two solid sources. On these and similar sites, you will find information about hundreds of programs available to persons with disabilities. To narrow your search, look for your particular need or interest. For instance, search for "autism" or "wheelchairs." Find the closest match for your need; check your eligibility, and begin applying.

Types of Programs
Grants for entrepreneurship and small businesses often come from the private sector. One successful organization is, which describes itself as "the seed business network for disabled entrepreneurs." They offer resources, consulting, and other support. is a nonprofit community developer and financial institution that is "committed to the economic advancement of people with disabilities and devoted to the fullest expression of their entrepreneurial spirit in all its diversity, strength, and boundless originality."

In addition to business help, you will also find grants, which provide help with equipment and home accessibility. The Travis Roy Foundation has bettered the lives of seriously disabled individuals. This foundation helps to upgrade and maintain wheelchairs, modify vehicles, modify homes, and provide technology and adaptive equipment. A host of other equally specific programs is available through other foundations. As a grant-seeker, your task is to sift through the available opportunities to find the one or two that are the best match for your need.

Living with a disability is costly. It is common for the disabled to have substantial consumer debt. One type of grant that is not available is debt relief. Grantors assume that if they pay off an individual's consumer debt, there is little incentive to live in a financially responsible way. However, securing help in the areas where it is available can help you to channel your resources toward reducing your debt.

Both the government and private benefactors value the lives and potential of the disabled. They understand that funding is one way to improve the chance for a better life for disabled individuals and their families. The responsibility to find available awards still rests on the disabled or family members. With this help, everything from daily personal expenses to funding a small business becomes a little more manageable.

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